A human is as complex of a machine as one can ever imagine. Packaged in one body under one skin, this complex machine does the greatest multi-tasking such deftly that the human mind itself cannot even think of. This multi-tasking sometimes runs faster than what it is designed for – or shall it be said, what capacity it is allowed to work at.

Once these boundaries are crossed, the brain starts functioning in its very unique way where there are different phases making a switch in functioning. It is like when two or more people are functioning inside one body – one pack carrying people inside, how is this one pack suppose to manage it? But the human body is manufactured to bare the burden of what tests the man is capable of putting it through.

This is the time when the man develops a Multiple Personality Disorder. The person suffering from multiple personality disorder is consistently passing through hallucinations and thinks himself to be somebody else or creates another personality that is in total contrast to his own. He totally frees himself from the confines of his own and whatever wrong or crime he commits he blames it on the imaginary personality that he had created in his own head. This disorder is mostly caused by some trauma or is a result of some unpleasant situation that he has suffered through in his life. Such a patient can become violent and very unpredictable.

Not a lot of scientific elements might be discussed here but what’s more important is the psyche of the multiple personality disorder’s victim and it is under particular consideration here.

The brain being such an organ which formulates and designs another world of customized choice if the reality hits too hard to it. Being a doctor when you are a nurse or rich when you are poverty stricken. Desirable is what one does not get and is the most desired of all.

Silence, sympathy, demon, psycho –  these all personality traits can exist in one person. Such a fit of a combination they can make that one meeting might just not be enough to judge all together.

Great vastness of mind and thoughts is needed to reach the level of emotions an MPD victim faces each and every moment in most cases. When the reverie becomes a part of reality, both the reverie of thoughts and the reality fight to take over each other. This fight is fought in the mind of the MPD victim and it is neither won nor lost by any. This nuisance that is created then results in the transition from one personality to the other. Here another brawl begins where the different personalities embedded in the mono – soul fight for their conquerance over the mono – frame.

It is these wars raged within oneself which bring in and take away the phases of transforming personalities which bring the victim to torments and hence steering them away from what’s known as normal or sanity.