The First Issue Was that I made a Duplicate of WebServer Template and than Issued the certificate using MMC. Which was giving the Key Export Error even though i Made sure that the key was exportable and you could even see this from the snap shot that i had sent you. So the solution to this was I made  a Duplicate of Computer based Template and Added the Clienet Authentication in THE Authentication Methods. Now when i requested the certificate using MMC i also Went into details and Explicitly made a check on MARK KEY AS EXPORTABLE. Which did the trick for me. Later the Problem which came

The server is not compatible with the database at Server=POC-SQL\DEVSCOM;Database=OCSdata;Integrated Security=SSPI

I Applied this Hotfix

Ran this TOOL

  • Start menu: All Programs, Administrative Tools, Server Config Tool
  • File location: <driver letter>:\Program Files\Microsoft Office Communications Server 2007 R2\Group Chat Server\ServerConfigTool.exe
  • and id DID the Trick for me.