Hi All!

Was thinking to talk about something else than exchange as well on the blog ūüôā

Recently I deployed Active Directory Rights Management Services at Ufone. It was a good experience.

The Features In ADRMS are :

1) You can restrict Users to only read, write a word document but cannot save it or you can go granular by only giving the user only read access to the document

2) We can not only apply permissions on word documents but can also do it on Outlook as well but the consideration for outlook is that you can not apply permissions on runtime which was a setback and cause of concern for the clients


Clarifying my Points above:


I have got three users in my Organization


E.g. Fazal creates a new Word document and wants Amim to only view that document and wants Fareed to edit the document as well So he can Give permission on the document at runtime but this is not the case in outlook as the user is confined to only selecting Templates which are Pre defined By the Network Admin (In consultation with the stake holders)


Now the question arises…. What are templates¬†in ADRMS?


By Templates I mean that they are per defined Options in which appear in Outlook and Word Documents as well and on every template a Permission Is mapped

For E.g.:


Read Only Is one Template now the permission assigned to this template is "Cannot Save" "Cannot Copy" "Cannot Print" "Cannot Forward"

Thus User can Only Read


I hope This Blog Brings in some Vision towards ADRMS and I hope it was helpful or should I say informative