If you think Microsoft and other high-tech companies are in trouble, wait till you see what’s happening at Sony. The company is poised to post a record annual operating loss of $3 billion, its first annual loss in 14 years. Sony attributes its ills to "the massive economic upheaval being experienced across the world" and "a significant deterioration" of its electronics business, which includes such thing as HDTVs, cameras, video games, and other electronic devices. Sony is hardly alone in its troubles—Japanese electronics firms are all struggling—but the depth of Sony’s problems is startling and suggests that the company needs to make deep cuts in personnel and other areas in which Sony, frankly, has grown bloated and soft. Frankly, when all is said and done, I wouldn’t be surprised to see Sony abandon the TV business entirely: That unit has been losing money for years, and it’s not going to rebound anytime soon.