The Exchange Server 2007 Management Pack in MOM 2005 can be used to monitor

Exchange servers for Exchange Server–specific information. You can use MOM 2005 to


Server availability. MOM 2005 uses tools such as Messaging Application

Programming Interface (MAPI) logon checks, mobility synthetic logons, and mail

flow and service monitoring to determine whether a server or service is available.

The Exchange Server 2007 Management Pack uses many of the Exchange

Management Shell commands to perform these tests.

Server event logs. MOM 2005 can collect important information from the event logs

of your Exchange servers and raise alerts accordingly. Exchange Server is capable of

generating many thousands of event-log entries, but the Exchange Management Pack

reduces this number to monitor approximately 1,700 key event-log entries. MOM

2005 can alert you when any of these event-log entries appear on your Exchange

servers so that you can take immediate action. MOM 2005 also provides information

on how to resolve each identified problem.

Server performance. The Exchange Management Pack also includes preconfigured

performance monitoring reports that monitor multiple servers at the same time, and it

can provide alerts if performance counters exceed a configured threshold.

Server resources. MOM 2005 can monitor and report on server resources, including

mailbox store sizes, available disk space, and the number of mailboxes on each server.

Server configuration. MOM 2005 can provide detailed reports on the configuration of

each Exchange server. For example, MOM 2005 can report on the number of storage

groups and databases on each server, the number of mailboxes in each mailbox

database, and the size of each mailbox.